World’s leading AI-Powered Quality Engineering company:

Qualitest brings in the culture of quality orchestration across your business, technology, and operational landscape through our engineering-led, process discipline.

About Us:

We provide innovative and scalable business quality engineering solutions that protect your brand through end-to-end value demonstration with laser focus on customer experience and release velocity.

Our Focus:

Software quality engineering is at the core of our business and everything we do. We believe Quality is Intentional” and Built-In Quality should be determinant of any product strategy and not a byproduct of software development.

Industry Pioneers and Innovators:

Qualitest has been recognized for each of the past 6 years as the only visionary pure play QA and Testing Services Company in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant”.

We are Global:

We have 20+ Offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Israel, and India. With about 4500 employees we just happen to be the largest pure play independent AI-Powered Quality Engineering company in the world.

Strategic Partners:

We customize our solutions to your business requirements and seamlessly integrate them with your IT processes. Our global, time-tested delivery models and our experienced engineers enable you to achieve more, faster, and for less money.

Qualitest - A.I. for Risk Based Testing and Production Driven Test CoverageA.I. for Risk Based Testing and Production Driven Test Coverage – A.I. can be used in many ways in testing. This white paper will discuss one specific approach that is driven by analyzing large amounts of production data that describes actual usage by real users through the data taken behind them and the metadata that describes in various ways what they’ve actually done. This is done on top of more traditional sources of test coverage analyzing requirements, exploratory testing, etc. Analyzing this production data by actual users is a very good risk-based approach to testing highly complex systems based on what users actually do instead of all of the theoretical permutations of what a system may need to support. [Continue Reading]

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