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Critical Logic
Critical Logic provides Integrated Quality Management tools and services. Efficient and intelligent test design is at the heart of Critical Logic’s Quality Assurance services. Using advanced model-based testing techniques, you’ll know exactly what to test to ensure a defect free product. This takes the guess work out of designing tests. As with Critical Logic’s BA and Functional Design & Analysis services, their Software QA service relies on formalisms and frameworks to bring a level of discipline to software validation that effectively compliments the model-based testing efficiency. The result is a level of validation and verification usually reserved for only the most mission- and life-critical systems that is accessible to everyone and implementable in today’s fast-paced development cycles.

Case Study: Critical Logic & General Dynamics: Streamlining & Saving Money in Mission Critical Applications – In 2008, the U.S. Navy was trying to pinpoint ways to reduce testing costs while increasing their mission-critical software quality. Their development process had long been heavy in manual testing, so as part of the cost reduction measures, the Navy instructed General Dynamics to make the switch to automated testing – this was to reduce not only cost but the potential for human error, and to streamline development processes overall. At this point, the Navy was locked in a proprietary system; highly motivated to field open system designs and reduce testing costs for platforms, the Navy began initiatives to move away from manual testing. [Continue Reading]

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