Applitools is on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release visually perfect mobile and web apps. We are the only commercial-grade visual-AI solution that validates the user interface in a fully automated manner, with our ground-breaking image processing stack that we developed from scratch in-house. The Applitools platform seamlessly integrates with your existing Appium tests and also runs across multiple browsers/devices on our Ultrafast Test Cloud. For more information, visit:

Next Generation Test Automation Platform Powered by Visual AINext Generation Test Automation Platform Powered by Visual AI Increase quality, accelerate delivery, and reduce cost with the world’s most intelligent automation platform. Visual AI replicates the human eye and brain, looks at every screen and page in seconds, and spots app regressions that truly matter. Our core products, Applitools Eyes and Ultrafast Grid, integrate seamlessly with your existing stack, allowing teams to fully automate their end-to-end UI testing and monitoring through a single, integrated AI-powered platform that provides: Functional Testing, Visual Testing, Web, Mobile, & UI/UX Testing, Cross Browser & Device Testing, Compliance Testing, Localization, Accessibility, PDF Testing, & More [Continue Reading]

Modern Cross Browser Testing Through Visual AI Report In just 10 minutes, you will learn how your team can release higher quality apps faster and for less money by modernizing your cross browser, cross device, and cross operating system testing. Sourced from 203 Selenium, Cypress, and Webdriver.IO engineers who spent a combined 3,112 hours — that’s 1.5 years of engineering e!ort — writing, running, analyzing, reporting, and maintaining 21 cross environment tests against a real world application, we provide empirical evidence of how modern cross browser testing powered by the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud is vastly superior to traditional, old-school techniques that are ill equipped to handle modern responsive apps in today’s digitally transformed, remote work world. [Continue Reading]


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