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For the last year, JoEllen has been immersed in scaling the quality engineering efforts at Olo to keep pace with the rapid growth of the business. Who knew? People like to order food online, and Olo is a leader in online ordering. Before that, she was a hands-on tester of the APIs and UIs that are the core of the Olo platform. Along the way, she refined the Olo approach to testing and quality so that it now reflects her commitment to collaboration and team engagement. JoEllen has over fifteen years of experience defining the role of tester on agile teams. She is a creative advocate of the value an experienced, collaborative tester brings to an agile team.

Speaker Details:

JoEllen Carter – Director, Quality Engineering – Olo, Inc.
Twitter: @testacious
LinkedIn: JoEllen Carter
Past Events: STPCon, Agile, Agile Testing Days, Mile High Agile, Agile Testing Days USA

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