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Bas Hamer started out wanting to be a developer. He landed his first job and figured that if he could be a better developer, he could solve all the problems. He ended up being a pretty good developer, but the problems were still there. Next, he delved into process and architecture; a few jobs later, but the problems he wanted to solve were still there.

Software development is about building the right thing correctly and efficiently. This is a tall order, and software development often fails and usually falls short. No matter what he did the problem remained. Bas then suffered from burn-out and considered going into teaching. Luckily, he ended up helping a QA team. He wanted to turn them into developers, and instead built them a tool, a domain specific language, that suited their needs better. The QA team roughly tripled their speed and started leading development. The tool Bas created removed sources of conflict by offering human-readable tests, and large API refactors had a minimal impact on QA, and this was the beginning of Possum Labs.

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Bas Hamer – Founder, Possum Labs
LinkedIn: Bas Hamer

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