Workshop: Introduction to Performance in 2021

Performance testing and engineering practices have been continuously evolving and changing; including who, when and how we mitigate performance risks and optimize the scalability of systems. Eventually every tester will find themselves challenged to conduct experiments, lead a performance testing project or even operate a performance practice. And the most effective performance professionals must know not only how to design and conduct performance tests, but they also must master the rationales behind why we employ performance testing and what value is derived from the practices. This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts involved in designing, developing and implementing performance testing. Learn why certain deliverables should come out of a performance measurement and how they are made valuable to others in the organization. Learn why certain kinds of performance analyses are effective in different contexts and how to employ a strategy for performance testing, engineering and management. Using a combination of real-world stories, interactive group analysis and hands-on exercises, you will be challenged to understand the same kinds of problems, decisions, and performance experiences most often found in your own work as a performance. At the end of the class, you will have developed a practical strategy for performance testing and the know-how to get started improving your performance practices.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Concepts around the value of performance work: the objectives; the outcomes and the benefits.
  • Concepts around the performance testing processes: design; planning; preparation; execution and reporting.
  • Understanding of how to design a performance test: objectives, workloads, automation, monitoring and reports.
  • Ideas on different performance test types: why they are different and how to construct them and their different stakeholders.
  • Approaches to performance analysis: scoping the project, test construction, running a test; monitoring the system and producing results.

3-Hour Workshop Performance
Location: TBD Date: July 27, 2021 Time: - Mark Tomlinson - Mile High Testing Mark Tomlinson