Workshop: Holistic Performance Testing – Change, Chaos, Conformity & Conflict

Performance Engineering has become increasingly complex and critical to the success and user adoption of web applications, especially with evolving technologies and the demand to be at Internet scale. Not all performance testing strategies are implemented alike to fulfill the needs of the business. As performance test engineers, we are often tasked with challenges not only in the ever changing technical realm of the applications we test, but also in the varying levels of software we diagnose, cross functional teams we support, time constraints, varying or inadequate test environments, misfit resources, cross discipline reporting, changing market trends, evolving corporate practices, etc.

We are not “jacks of all trades”, nor “masters of all tools and technologies”. Yet, as performance test engineers, we are tasked to develop broad and dynamic expertise to deliver performance testing solutions amidst Change, Chaos, Conformity and Conflict. It is certainly no easy task to navigate these “4 C’s”. Expertise in scripting and performance testing tools are part of the many elements that are essential for the success and growth of a performance test engineer, but certainly not the only ones. We are also requirement gatherers, strategist, investigators, advisers, performance advocates, analysts, estimators, researchers, negotiators, presenters, predictors and much more.

In the spirit of working well with our challenges and evolving practice, performance test engineers need to be adaptive and flexible to navigate the “4 C’s” and embrace change. Join Mais Tawfik Ashkar in this half-day tutorial as she shares her performance testing experience and explores performance stories, challenges and solutions in a collaborative learning session. You will leave this tutorial with an understanding of the various elements, skills, techniques and strategies that can help you tackle performance testing challenges and grow holistically in your performance engineering approach.

Workshop Takeaways:

  1. Understand the trending industry challenges, their implications on performance engineering and navigating them.
  2. Explore skills, techniques and strategies that can help you tackle and work well with performance testing challenges and grow holistically in your performance testing approach.
  3. Learn critical steps on how to approach performance testing from a holistic perspective to engineer End-to-End actionable performance testing solutions.

3-Hour Workshop Performance
Location: Evergreen A Date: July 28, 2021 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Mais Tawfik Ashkar - Mile High Testing Mais Tawfik Ashkar