Workshop: Cypress 101 – JavaScript Test Automation

Cypress, a JavaScript end-to-end test automation tool, has generated a lot of buzz recently. Many developers prefer Cypress over other test automation tools because of its speed, convenience, and ease of use. In this workshop, we’ll use Cypress to create automated tests. In writing these tests, you’ll learn how to use Cypress to interact with web elements, add Cypress assertions to tests, create page objects, use Cypress’s built-in wait strategies and customize them as needed, group tests and execute them in parallel, as well as make and verify API calls. With JavaScript becoming the top language for developing web applications, you’ll leave with working knowledge of how to write JavaScript tests using the hottest new test automation framework. This is an excellent way to enhance your automation skills and increase your marketability.

3-Hour Workshop Automation
Location: TBD Date: July 28, 2021 Time: - Angie Jones - Mile High Testing Angie Jones