Track Talk: Building the QA Team of the 2020’s

The QA Industry changed dramatically in 2010’s. As technology grew to support (and sometimes run) so many facets of our lives, the importance of the role of the QA professional grew mightily. Our impact across the entire development life cycle was being felt like never before.

In our new decade, the impact of QA will only continue to grow. But QA organizations need to understand the trends in our industry and what they
mean for the skills they need to look for when building the QA Team of the 2020’s.

Join Kirk Walton, Vice President at tap|QA, one of the country’s largest Software Testing Consulting Services firms, as we look at how QA organizations evolved over the past decade, and how they’ll continue to evolve in the 2020’s.

We’ll also discuss tips to keep your current team members’ skills current with the trends in our industries, and how to incorporate new skills into your QA organization.

Attendees will take away the following:

  • An overview of trends in the QA industry at the beginning of the 2020’s, and how they could affect how QA organizations are built.
  • A look into skills that will benefit QA professionals and members of QA organizations as the industry evolves in the 2020’s.
  • Ideas around how to develop these important skills which has a very happy side effect: better retention of key team members.
  • Best practices around attracting and hiring talented individuals to join your team in order to build the best QA organization possible.

45-Minute Track Talk Leadership
Location: TBD Date: July 27, 2021 Time: - Kirk Walton - Mile High Testing Kirk Walton