Track Talk: BDD + Gherking – BDD = Happiness

Organizational impacts from DSL (Domain Specific Language) test automation.

What if I told you that technology could make your life better, and make you happier. During this talk, I’ll share experiences across different companies of different sizes across various industries. Go over the effects of introducing Gherkin based testing (not BDD), what changed, and what problems client’s overcame.

But the most rewarding is how it changed the work for the individuals creating the tests. We’ll use the following model of happiness to show how these tools can improve your life.

Positive Emotion: what we feel (joy, pleasure, comfort, warmth, etc.). Engagement: being fully absorbed in stimulating activities, being in “flow”. Relationships: with others that are positive, nurturing, and rewarding. Meaning: serving some purpose that is larger than oneself.

Accomplishment: the pursuit of achievement and mastery.

We’ll dig into what did not work and why, as well as best practices I’ve learned from the process. Some problems took months to appear, while others showed up during implementation.

My goal for this talk is that you can avoid my mistakes by learning the problems as well as the solutions by joining me on a journey of successes and pitfalls.

Talk Takeaways:

  • You can use technologies even when you can’t conform to the methodology.
  • You can build effective testing on legacy systems.
  • You can change the relationship of QA to the organization to become a value-generating center.

45-Minute Track Talk Automation
Location: Evergreen A Date: July 28, 2021 Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am Bas Hamer - Mile High Testing Bas Hamer