Track Talk: Agile Automation for Agile Product Development (And the Value of Partnership)

The presenters will describe the details of how they used the Katalon, Applescript, Jira, and shell scripting to automate a native MacOS product that was not well supported by other tools and how they managed the process of automated testing using Agile best practices. Automation is run as its own scrum with sprints to deliver stories against its backlog. However, the backlog and stories can consist of framework enhancements, actual story development, or other changes to automation. The presenters will discuss how this model fuels the velocity of automation to be responsive to a rapid product schedule and allows for automation to increase in coverage while allowing manual testing to be more focused. Additionally, the presenters will provide the details of what has made the relationship between Webroot and QA Consultants successful over a multi-year journey. Webroot had selected QA Consultants for a variety of programs early on as a vendor which eventually matured into a trusted, long term program that is indicative of all the right ways to manage a relationship. The presenters will discuss the challenges of working in a high-speed, multi-site environment while still being able to deliver to stakeholders across the globe. Running high-performing test automation teams is difficult. Doing so with a fully remote team requires discipline, collaboration, and trust – all of which were exemplified in this program.

Participants can expect to:

  • Understand tips and tricks to using Katalon for a Mac Native environments,
  • how to run automation projects as an Agile program,
  • and the tenants to building a successful relationship between vendors and customers.

45-Minute Track Talk Agile
Location: TBD Date: July 28, 2021 Time: - John Gibson - Mile High Testing John Gibson