Session: Scaling AWS Serverless Architecture in the Real World

We will talk about what serverless is at a high level then go more in-depth into why it’s a new industry trend. At the end of it, I will show how you can scale an application to meet enterprise standards and show pricing. Session Takeaways: Learn more about modern application development. Be able to implement […]

Session: Web Performance Relays

“Make fewer calls.” It’s one of the first suggestions for #webperf engineering and web design. “If you want your application to go fast, you should first try to make fewer requests.” Oh cool! So, you can go fast by doing less … and less … and less? Until you reach point where the application is […]

Session: Example Mapping – The New Three Amigos

Example Mapping is a collaboration technique used by teams to help refine requirements. Every team should have a set of “ready” criteria that includes some kind of workshop between development team members to establish a shared understanding. In a time-boxed Example Mapping session, rules will summarize examples or constraints about a user story, and questions […]

Session: Hybrid Performance Testing – Does Render Time Matter?

Traditional load testing typically means testing the back-end application by simulating a request and measuring how long it takes to get the first byte and the last byte. Browser render time is not measured. Why not? Because render time can be impacted by the speed of the user’s computer or device, how many tabs are […]

Session: Make Every Team a QA Team

QA has progressed from a silo of quality control to organization-wide quality assurance. Companies are now seeing that QA is no longer about having a functional role but about the importance of the practice and the value it provides to ensure successful outcomes. We will talk about evolution of QA in our experiences and the […]

Session: The F Word – Giving Great Feedback

This session will be the session everyone knows they should attend but would like to avoid! Providing feedback is a necessary skill for individuals, teams, and organizations to grow, yet studies suggest 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their employees and 37% of business leaders are afraid to give performance feedback. Although these numbers […]